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The Presidium Gem Indicator is the only handheld tester in the industry specifically for colored gemstones that helps to indicate up to 31 different types of colored gems based on their thermal conductivity and even features a color input function that allows users to select from a range of common colors, thereby narrowing down the possible results. With an easy-to-read clear digital LED screen, this smart thermal tester also comes with the Presidium patented replaceable probe tip technology, which ensures minimal equipment downtime.

The Presidium Gem Indicator is an enhanced and more convenient handheld version of the revolutionary Presidium Gem Tester/Colored Stone Estimator. It distinguishes between diamonds and other colored gemstones using the principles of thermal conductivity. The Presidium Gem Indicator probe consists of two linked thermometers; one which is heated electronically, while the other is cooled by the gemstone being tested. The difference in temperature creates an electrical output, which is then amplified and displayed on the new digital organic LED display.
It is simple to use, easy to maintain and quick in giving you intelligent results about your colored gemstones.

Features and Benefits:

• Differentiates between diamonds and other colored gemstones
• Tests up to 31 different types of gemstones
• Color separation function of 12 colors with user input, to
improve accuracy
• Industry’s thinnest probe tip (0.45mm) for testing gemstones
from 0.02ct
• Retractable thermoelectric tip that maintains constant pressure
against gemstone
• Patented refined changeable probe tip
• Metal buzzer alert
• Internal library database function of gemstones and their colors
• Requires just 3 AAA Batteries
• USB connection to PC for more value-added functions

Presidium Gem Indicator PGI distinguishes the following gems:

No. Stone Family Stone Name
1 Glass Glass
2 Beryl Goshenite
3 Helidor
4 Aquamarine
5 Morganite
6 Emerald
7 Lolite Lolite
8 Garnet(Almandine-pyrope group) Almandine
9 Pyrope
10 Spessartite
11 Nephrite Nephrite
12 Tanzanite Tanzanite
13 Quartz Chrysoprase
14 Tourmaline Tourmaline
15 Paraiba
16 Rubelite
17 Garnet(Grossular-Andradite group) Hessonite
18 Tsavorite
19 Demantoid
20 Peridot Peridot
21 Jadeite Jadeite
22 Quartz Aventurine
23 Citrine
24 Quartz
25 Amethyst
26 Spinel Spinel
27 Chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl
28 Topaz Topaz
29 Corundum Sapphire
30 Ruby
31 Diamond Diamond
Recommended Operating Conditions
It is recommended to use the Presidium Gem Indicator in environments
at ambient temperatures of 18°C - 27°C. Calibration using the provided
calibration disk is also recommended when starting to use the product
or when using the product in different environments.

Universal Dual Voltage 110v/220v Power Adapter available for $29.95
Replacement Probe Tip for PGI Presidium Gem Indicator is available for $45.50