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The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge measures diamonds and many gemstones and estimates their weight with much greater precision and consistency than any other gauge on the market.

Just like Presidium Electronic Gauge, the Computer Gauge measures your gemstones with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, ten times more accurately than any analog or dial gauge. This provides indispensable tool when perfect sorting and matching of loose stones is essential.

The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge has built-in computer which allows to estimate weight and size of a wide variety of gemstone and diamonds of many different shapes.

It can be used as a stand alone tool for entering and recording data directly from digital readout of the gauge, or it can be connected to a PC, so that data can be entered ito your computer for easy recording, sorting, pricing, tabulation, inventory control and other operations, as necessary. The gauge is supplied with mini CD which contains the same software as the gauge itself, plus data on additional 59 gemstones and additional capabilities in processing and storing data.You can even create estimation capability for custom shaped gemstones. Once the software is loaded to your windows based computer, you can connect your Computer Gauge to a PC (with supplied USB cable) and use your computer keyboard to enter measurements. Now you can even more easily use the powerful software to estimate weight, identify your stones, tabulate, sort, and store your data.

The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge works with diamonds and virtually all gemstones used in jewelry today in many different shapes:round, oval, emerald cut, marquise, heart, pear, cushion, princess, rectangular, and cabochon.