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GLARDON VALLORBE SWISS FLAT HAND FILE - 6" Cut # 000-00-0-1-2-4-5-6 LP1163

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GLARDON-VALLORBE SWISS FLAT HAND FILE - 6"  Long-Cuts # 000-00-0-1-2-4-5-6 LP1163 GROBET

World Famous GLARDON-Vallorbe Precision files manufactured to precise production standards, using a combination of machine cutting and hand craftsmanship to produce the most accurate, best cutting and longest-lasting files in the world. They are made of the finest heat-tempered, chrome alloy steel and have the right feel, action and balance desired by all true craftsmen. GLARDON Swiss Precision Files deliver superior performance on all metals. Simply the best files money can buy.

GLARDON-Swiss Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files-The world's standard for quality and performance!

GLARDON-Vallorbe files are available in variety shapes, lengths, and cuts for exacting work, especially under magnification. Made of the highest quality steel, machined and finished for precision shape, accuracy and balance.

GLARDON Hand Files has cuts on 3 sides. Two sides parallel in width and slightly tapered in thickness. One edge cuts and the other is safe.


  • Length of Cut:                                      6" (150 mm)
  • Width x Thickness:                             18.5mm x 4mm
  • Overall Length:                                    8" (200 mm)


  • Super Coarse          Cut 000
  • Extra Coarse           Cut 00
  • Coarse                     Cut 0
  • Medium/Coarse      Cut 1
  • Medium                  Cut 2
  • Fine                         Cut 4
  • Very Fine                Cut 5
  • Extra Fine               Cut 6

Made in Switzerland