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BAUSCH & LOMB Hastings Triplet Magnifier, 14X 81-61-75

BAUSCH & LOMB Hastings Triplet Magnifier, 14X 81-61-75
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Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
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BAUSCH & LOMB Hastings Triplet Magnifier, 14X 81-61-75

Hastings Triplet Loupe Magnifier by Bausch & Lomb features a compound lens engineered to magnify images with accurate color, in sharp focus over the entire viewing field.

A trusted and most widely used loupe by gemologist all over the world and approved for grading diamonds by GIA.

Three separate lenses are bonded together to form a compound Hastings Triplet Loupe lens which virtually eliminates distortion at the outer edges of the magnifier.  The compound lens is housed in a black plastic frame which is designed not to reflect light onto the object being viewed.  The case is nickel plated and serves both as a handle and as a dust protector.  This is the quintessential jewelers loupe, color corrected, lightweight, and in focus over the entire viewing field.

The Bausch & Lomb 14X Hastings Hastings Triplet Loupe is the magnifier of choice for grading diamonds and other gems.  The reasons is because it is highly color corrected to eliminate color fringes above/below or to the left/right of a high contrast object, like a diamond or gemstone. I offers higher magnification at a slightely smaller size as compared to our B&L Hastings 10X Triplet magnifier. Please chose carefully.

GIA (Gemollogical Institute of America) is primary and superior authority in grading dimaonds all over hte world accepts using Bausch & Lomb Hastings 10x Triplet magnifier for diamonds grading.


focal distance of 0.8"/2.0 cm

56 diopters

12.5 mm lens diameter

14X magnification

Made in US

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