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Wieland Black Rhodium Bath Concentrate 2 gr Rh 100 ml

Wieland Black Rhodium Bath Concentrate 2 gr Rh 100 ml
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Wieland Black Rhodium Bath Concentrate 2 gr Rh 100 ml
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Wieland Black Rhodium Bath Concentrate are specially formulated to produce dark anthracite-colored finish far superior to black rhodiums produced by other manufacturers. Wieland Rhodium produces even, durable extemely bright deposits for decorative applications, as well as multi coloring processes on jewelry pieces. It is also best suited for repair or restoration work. Wiieland Rhodium Bath is available in concentrated form contains 2 gr Rh in 100 ml bath and produces 1000 ml ready to use rhodium bath. Each bottle comes hermetically sealed with aluminum seal to insure full value content.

For best results it is recommended that the coating should be deposited on a suitable adhesion layer achieved by pre-plating with acidic eletrolyte.


  • Rhodium Content                                             2 gr Rh/100 ml
  • Rhodium Ready Bath Content:                        2.0 gr/1000 ml
  • Temperature:                                                   18-25oC
  • Exposure Time:                                               1-7 Minutes
  • Voltage Output:                                                1.8 0 4.0 Volts
  • Current Density:                                               1.0 - 1.5 A/dm2
  • Deposition Rate:                                              15 mg/Amin
  • Ph Value                                                          <1
  • Agitation:                                                         Electrolyte or Work Pieces
  • Anodes:                                                            Platinized Titanium
  • Tank Material:                                                  Glass, Aci9d Resistant plastic (PP, PVC, etc.)


  • Density:                                                            10.2g/cm3
  • Hardness:                                                         Approx. 350HV
  • Layer Thikness:                                                Max 0.5 µm

WARNING: Chemicals and materilas used in electro-plating techniques can be corrosive or poisonous. During use, storage, transportation, and disposal all releavant guidlines must be observed.For furhter information see the MSDS Safety Data Sheets. 

Made In Germany

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